Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The most disgraceful part of today’s civilization is the un-mindful violence being leashed out on innocent citizens in many parts of the world by a sizeable group of terrorists who have an unacceptable agenda to further their own ambitions. It is unfortunate that the countries that harbor such terror groups have done little to contain the growth of these fascists damaging the very fabric of civilization through their violent acts of killing. Such countries are equally accountable for the acts of terror and are answerable to the world at large.
The recent mumbai terror scene has exposed the perpetrators of this ghastly crime and from where they are operating and who is behind the killings. The fingers have clearly pointing at pakistan which is in no mood to acccept it which may largely due to pressure from the same outfits charged of terror.
For the present it may be satisfting to the politicians and media in pakistan to twist facts and glorify itself as an honest state, nothing to do with terror in mumbai but in the long run the conviction that pakistan is not prepared to mend its ways will sink in with the major governments world over and hence will lose its credibility. This could have several adverse repurcussions to the country as a whole and its people. Is it worthwhile to ignore global calling to cleanse terror from its soil for a few bad men who are holding pakistan to ransome? Pakistan needs leadership with guts to to save the country from the clutches of the terrorist outfits

The terror acts have been very regular and many countries have been victims where several innocent citizens have been killed. It is also no secret that peoples all over the world irrespective of religions are convinced a through reality check has to be done address the issue of terror. The capture of kasba, the credible confessions made by him and proof of involvement of ISI and LET provided by him has thrown open new opportunities to tackle terror. Use him and his candid confessions to educate the world and people of pakistan to build a consensus in pakistan to fight for eliminating terror from its soil. This may be the most unconventional and difficult method but may be worthwhile trying.

Mohd Ajmal Kasab, the lone captured terrorrist involved in mumbai shoot out has gone on record, confessing that he regrets what he has done and that he has sinned by killing many innocent lives and that ISI and LET leaders have misled him into doing all these by their wrongful indoctrination. It is a few leaders with distorted vision that are taking advantage of poverty, disillusionment and various other factors and converting young men into terrorists by misguiding them through indoctrination and denying them a life afterwards.

Kasab knows it all about the terror outfits, its roots, network, locations, leaders and supporters of terror outfits, being one of the cogs in the wheel of terror and hence could be used as a weapon against the same people who hired him to kill innocent people and create havoc in Mumbai to destabilize the country and pitch one religion against the other. Doing this he may become a hero because he has repented and acted to do good.

Kasab should now be used to spill the beans on how all the fascist organizations like ISI and LET operate, how they spread terror, with whom they collaborate internationally and mobilize pakistani people support to fight against the evil activities of these organization. The people of Pakistan should play a big role in coercing the government of Pakistan to stop misguiding the citizens of Pakistan and pressure them to protect Islam as a religion from being maligned world over. Achieving this they can live in peace and enjoy the fruits of a friendly neighbour in india.

Kasab is repenting the gory sin he has committed, which was an act that resulted from him being fully misguided with distorted vision of the real facts and building unwanted hatred against India and the wrong propaganda being disseminated among the youths in Pakistan. He should make amends by bringing out the real truth and disclose the evil designs of the perpetrators of terror to the citizens of Pakistan. He should expose how it is not serving any purpose and is only causing unwanted devastation and swelling the mistrust on people of Pakistan world over. Citizens should know that Pakistan may end up as a rogue state if it is not transparent and continue to twist the facts of 26/11 in India.
Such strong statements coming straight from the horse’s mouth will have considerable awakening in the minds of the nation he comes from. Kasab should be made to appeal to the people of his nation to stand up and fight against terror outfits within the country and eliminate it from its soil. Again this should be done in such a manner that it will have credibility and not give an opportunity to Pakistan to state that this is another handiwork of Indian government to malign Pakistan.

It is important to expose to the people of Pakistan the evil designs of these organizations and build a strong public outcry to shut these organizations and make Pakistan a peace-loving nation embracing the good teaching of Islam. The anger in Pakistan should be the same as it was demonstrated all over India on the non-performance and lack of will of the politicians forcing them to take immediate punitive action on perpetrators of crime. Only strong sentiments of the people can change the scenario as politicians have their own compulsions and agenda and hence their hands are tied to take action. They need support and only strong people support sending a clear message that the government will fall if they don’t act honestly will work.

The people of Pakistan deserve to live with their heads high and not be victims of suspicion wherever in the world they go and be subjected to embarrassment because of a few bad men. So the people of Pakistan awake, arise and act in the interest of your own well being and the world at large, lest these criminals in the name of jihad, will not think twice to kill your own brothers and sisters in your own country for their own skewed agenda.

Pakistan government, if it is interested in really supporting international agencies fighting terror should unflinchingly arrest all those directly and indirectly connected with promoting terror. The world has already a well-documented list of terrorists’ organization and list of terrorists that has also been handed over to Pakistan.

The onus wrests with Pakistan to stop hoodwinking the world to protect a few handful of most dangerous men in the world and demonstrate its sincerity by arresting all the men in wanted list without fear or favour and hand them over to the world body United nations to try all the criminals as per international law.

Fear is the key .The citizens of Pakistan message must be loud and clear that Pakistan will no more harbor terrorists in their land and they join the efforts world over to eliminate terror.

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Suchin said...

First of all, Balaji, going by the history of Pakistan, there is no credible politics or governance we have seen so far. None of their leaders shown any statesmanship, rather they have always either sharpened their axe against India or they have only helped jihadis in other parts of the world.

Looking at their government's official website (I am really afraid to go to their site and provide the link here! since they can dump virus or coded terrorist messages on the visiting computer!) you will have no choice but to believe they are very passionate about their religion. They claim to have formed the country only against their 'oppressors' Hindus. That they can never live amongst Hindus. It is the basis on which their country, they clearly mention, has been created!

I agree with you on Kasab theory. But neither our government nor Pakistan is interested in settling issues through Kasab episode. You must have seen the statements given by Pakistan top officials after Kasab was caught. Everyday a different statement. Their news media once claimed Kasab is of course a Pakistani, soon to change their own statement in opposite.

As you rightly said, Pakistan must have guts to contain rogues in their country.

I also observed that, even being a notorious State, their military men have better PR and media knowledge than their counterparts in India. Like you know how carefully and tactfully they counter India's statements. To rest of the world, Pakistan's statement at the outset looks very logical and straight forward, where as Indian idiots in the ruling party love to confuse everyone with their long statements.

I liked your punch in the article.